The smart loyalty solution

- Fully Branded

- Socially Interactive

- Immediately Engaging

Qbriq is the next – gen customer loyalty solution. It provides the boost your business needs with fully branded mobile loyalty apps. You can turn each smartphone and customer that walks into your business into a potential ambassador and advertiser. Usher in an intuitive, fun and gamified way to engage your customer base. Out with the old, in with Qbriq.

Engage your Customers

Offer a pleasant, intuitive and unique customer experience

All Qbriq apps contain a core of features and capabilities, which make shopping at your business that much more enjoyable and rewarding.


Award points for purchases, shared content, birthdays, friend referrals and a host of other means.
Game on!


Extend your venue to the cloud. Your customers can link their social profiles, connect to each other, share and keep the party going.


Promote special deals depending on a multitude of varying factors. VIP rewards, holiday season and time limited offers are all within your grasp.


Guide spending habits, by specifying milestones for your customers and reward them with a badge to show off on their profile.


Nothing is more rewarding than sharing. Your customers may exchange points with their loved ones or donate to charity. It's all at their fingertips.


Foster the customers’ connection to your business. Let them engage with your face to the outside world, your employees, and tip them for a job well done.

Engage your employees

Your staff is the muscle of your business, your movers and shakers and your face to the world. Engage and reward your employees to ensure a healthy and pleasant workplace.

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Control what matters

Get the most out of Qbriq with our comprehensive admin panel

Your brand is unique. So should your members’ club application.

Add Value: Connect with and engage your audience, increase convenience, convey your message.

Customise: Include a menu or pricelist, time – limited offers, online reservations and orders. Integrate payment systems. Streamline your sales flow. It’s up to you.

Advertise: Interactive, targeted advertising at a fraction of the cost.

Stay in touch: Your customers carry their smartphones everywhere. Now you can reach them, wherever that is. Don’t let them forget you.

Differentiate: Your competition will sure wish they had a branded app before you.

Fully Branded

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